Access to Course Materials after Graduation

Materials hosted on Canvas

Your Harvard Key is for life and will permit access to your Canvas course sites indefinitely. Materials (documents, page content, and images, for example) hosted on your course sites that are not accessed via the Library Reserves Tool will be accessible after you graduate (assuming the instructor does not remove them). Do not expect old course sites to be updated after their completion.

Assignment submissions should be downloaded -- follow Canvas's guide to download your assignment submissions from all courses.

Readings and Materials provided by the Library Reserves Tool

The Library Reserves Tool in Canvas is deactivated at the end of the academic term. If you would like to retain access to items provided by the Library Reserves Tool following the end of the course, we recommend you download/backup the files.

Videos and Lecture Captures

Access to lecture captures and recordings of live Zoom sessions with student participation (classes, sections, office hours, for example) will end after 18 months.

Access to other videos such as faculty presentations and other asynchronous videos will be retained for as long as the instructor keeps them on the course site.

Canvas Support

Welcome to the Canvas support page from GSE IT!

For Degree Program Students

As a first port-of-call, please take a look at our dedicated support site for students (Harvard Key required). You could also try the comprehensive Instructure Canvas student guide (external site).

If you cannot find a solution to your issue, or you have a suggestion or comment, please email - we'd be delighted to hear from you. Emails sent over the weekend will be replied to on the following Monday. For urgent matters, please call Harvard University IT (HUIT) 617-495-7777, or contact Instructure, the creators of the Canvas LMS, through their 24/7 support that can be accessed via the Help icon on the furthest left navigation bar in your Canvas environment.

For Faculty and Teaching Staff

If you're an instructor or staff member, please take a look at our dedicated Canvas and tech tools support site. We are always available for consultations and for any issues that arise, please do not hesitate to contact us at Here are some helpful links:

You can also reach out to Canvas Support via the Help icon on the furthest left navigation bar in your Canvas environment.

Suggestions and Feedback

If you have any feedback or suggestions for us, please feel free to submit them via this form:

Canvas Suggestions and Feedback (external link; Harvard Key required)


Zoom Breakout Room Updates - April 2022

Some important updates to breakout rooms functionality in Zoom:

  • When breakout rooms are created, the host can save that current configuration and participant assignments to be used in future sessions. This is available for recurring meetings and limited to 10 saved configurations per user.
  • Hosts are able to share computer audio and shared content to all breakout rooms. This can be enabled when beginning the share, or while sharing is in progress.
  • When creating breakout rooms and choosing to...
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