Zoom Breakout Room Updates - April 2022

Some important updates to breakout rooms functionality in Zoom:

  • When breakout rooms are created, the host can save that current configuration and participant assignments to be used in future sessions. This is available for recurring meetings and limited to 10 saved configurations per user.
  • Hosts are able to share computer audio and shared content to all breakout rooms. This can be enabled when beginning the share, or while sharing is in progress.
  • When creating breakout rooms and choosing to...
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Zoom Updates - October 2021

Some important updates to Zoom have been released with particular impact on class management.

  • Hosts and co-hosts can screen share in the main section and project to all Breakout Rooms. Active sharing in the breakout sessions is interrupted and any annotation or whiteboarding prompts the sharer to save them before viewing the shared screen...
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Digital Accessibility Services - Accessible Documents guidance added

Harvard's Digital Accessibility Services have released some new guidance on creating accessible documents. There are also upcoming trainings on how to create accessible documents. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about ensuring content you share, including, for example, documents and your Canvas sites, are accessible.

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Panopto/Zoom Integration Active

Live Zoom sessions recorded to the cloud via the Zoom application in Canvas will now automatically be processed and stored by Panopto. Recordings will be found in the course's base Panopto folder. Note: the Panopto app must be active in the sidebar for this to work. 

For now, the recording stored by Zoom will not be deleted. Beginning early August, they will be deleted after Panopto has processed and stored the recording. Keep an eye on the announcements on this site for a firmer date. 

LaTeX recognition added to Canvas text fields

LaTeX equations can now be added in any text field in Canvas -- including in title fields, for example -- and will be typeset and processed by MathJax. Previously, LaTeX could only be added via a tool in the Rich Content Editor (which has been retained), and only in the body of a course page.

Text fields support MathJax delimiters to identify equations.

For more details, see the release notes here:...

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