Zoom Updates - January 2022

  • There are now more options for creating polls, including ranked responses, matching, short and long responses, fill in the blank, and the ability to set correct answers. To enable advanced polls (Links to an external site.), go to In Meeting (Basic)-->Meeting Polls/Quizzes-->Allow host to create advanced polls and quizzes. Users below version 5.8.3 will not be able to view or participate in advanced polls. 
  • Presenters can now control slides shared by another participant (Links to an external site.). Slide control can be given to multiple participants. 
  • Hosts can use the menu in the Participant List to spotlight themselves.
  • When the original host of a meeting joins, they are given the option to reclaim host controls or remain as a participant or co-host, so they don’t disrupt the current host. 
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