The HGSE Canvas team offers a wide range of training opportunities, each specifically suited to different learning styles and goals.

Individual Consultation

Individual consultations are most useful when scheduled a few weeks before the start of a term so that any questions, concerns, or pedagogical goals can be addressed in an effective and timely manner.

Feedback from across the Harvard community has demonstrated that individual consultations on focused on specific courses are higher rated for satisfaction than any other training method. If you do not have any specific goals in mind, and would just like to learn more about Canvas or other learning technologies that we support such as Qualtrics or Poll Everywhere, we will help you to develop a basic understanding of core features, and how they can be helpful to the specific needs of your course.

Group Consultation

Data collected from Canvas feedback surveys in Harvard have shown that students report far greater satisfaction with their Canvas course sites, if they are given a brief orientation to the course site at the beginning of the semester.  Members of the Canvas team are happy to provide this service for your students. We will spend between five and fifteen minutes, depending on the complexity of your Canvas site, discussing the various features that will be utilized by students in your course. Most importantly, we will demonstrate how assignments will be submitted. We will also provide important reminders about notification settings and the Canvas Calendar.

If you are interested in having a member of the Canvas team visit your course, please contact us at and we will coordinate with you to arrange a time.