Embedding Qualtrics Surveys in Canvas

Previously, Qualtrics' integration with Canvas was limited to anonymous surveys. However, if you want to securely capture the name and email address of the person completing the survey (for example, if it's a quiz), it is now possible! The survey can be embedded in either an assignment or a page, and will look like it's part of the Canvas course site. The student will be automatically logged in to Qualtrics based on their Canvas credentials. Step-by-step instructions are included in the attached document.

Course Conclusion Policy


Courses in Canvas are sorted and managed by terms which are pre-determined durations of times and dates; as a result Canvas is designed to conclude courses following the end of the academic term. When a course is concluded, it will become read-only, thus content on the course site cannot be edited or contributed to unless it is unconcluded. Concluding a course once a term has ended offers several benefits such as reducing any clutter within the Courses menu tab accessed within the Global Navigation (dark blue menu bar) in Canvas for students,...

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Karen Brennan


Like most faculty at HGSE, Karen Brennan has made some significant adjustments in the transition from iSites to Canvas. She reminisced, “I really came to love iSites, in a perverse way.” Karen’s first Canvas site honored The iSites Way, with many page links in the left-hand navigation column. As she has iterated on that design, working within the constraints of the Canvas platform, she has come to develop one of the most popular site designs here at HGSE.... Read more about Karen Brennan

Limitations of Blind Grading

Description: Blind grading works well so long as you only grade within SpeedGrader. While you are able to hide the student names in the Gradebook (Grades), student names will appear again if you refresh the page within the SpeedGrader.

Workaroound: Coordinate with teaching staff such that all grading remains in the same space.

Custom navigation links

Description: If a course has implemented custom navigation links to the left-hand navigation menu, those links will not transfer over if the course is copied/migrated to a new course shell.

Workaround: Centralize all custom links that are intended to appear on the left-hand navigation menu on a single page such as the course homepage to allow students to easily access the links as needed. This will also improve ease of administration for teaching staff when needing to make changes to links. In addition this results in a less cluttered left-hand...

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Kristin Foster

Ever since the beginning of the Canvas migration, it was clear that Kristin Foster found something fulfilling in her work with Canvas. "It's really a creative outlet for me, someplace where I feel that I have a lot of freedom." Kristin has harnessed this enthusiasm for design, informed by her past experience in HTML, to venture far beyond the scope of her role as Faculty Assistant.

In our work with faculty and staff transitioning from iSites to Canvas, we have come to appreciate the importance of creating a Canvas experience that is similar enough to be familiar to iSites. Kristin,...

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