Managing & Communicating with Users

What notifications are sent out when using Modules in Canvas?

When Modules are created and published, notifications are not sent out. 

The only time notifications are sent out for content items within modules is when the content item itself is published, regardless of whether or not the module itself is published or not.

Note: If you publish the entire module instead of the individual item within a module, then all of the items will be automatically published within the module. The only exception is if you have already...

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Can students see old course announcements that were previously imported?

Yes, students are able to see the previous announcements if they have been imported over into the current site.

Can they still see announcements if the tab is hidden?

Yes, they can only access the announcement only from the notification under the Dashboard via the Global/Recent Activity Stream view. They cannot access the announcements page directly using the breadcrumb navigation at the top of the screen after they click on the notification from the global activity stream.



How do time zones work in Canvas?

Time zones in Canvas are available in three different flavors, and should be configured accordingly in order to display the correct time.

System-wide time zone: This is the default time zone set by the Canvas administrators that applies to all courses within an account (root-account setting).

Course time zone: This time zone setting can be changed per course to suit the needs of the teaching team; otherwise it will follow what is the default system-wide time zone

Personal time zone: ...

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When are course notifications sent out to users?

Course notifications are sent out to all members of a course. Notifications are sent out when a specific action has been completed which will trigger a notification to be sent out. For instance, if a new graded assignment was created and saved and published all at once, this would trigger a notification to be sent out to members of the course.

Note that before a notification can be sent out, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Course is published
  2. User has not disabled notifications to be sent out (same may be...
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How do I message/email the entire course?

Option One: Canvas Inbox

Messaging through the Canvas Inbox is quick and efficient. No extra configuration is necessary, all that is needed are:

  • Course Name(s)
  • Name of recipient(s), role(s), group(s), or section(s).

Messaging via Inbox allows teachers and teaching staff to message all members within a course, and is also useful when there are specific users to message in addition to any other groups, sections, or role types (...

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How do I gain access to a Canvas course as a Teaching Fellow or Teaching Assistant?

The first stop for any teaching fellows/assistants looking to get on Canvas should be the Finance Office to ensure you have completed your paperwork to be hired and verify your appointment to the specific class. Once you are hired, Finance will add you to the appropriate course in my.Harvard. That information will then be automatically updated in Canvas.