How to accept an invitation to join a course from Canvas (Exed Canvas)

New User Account

Once a has invited you to a course, you will receive an email invitation from Canvas to gain access to the course. The email should look similar to the one below. Please click on Get Started to begin the registration process in order to access the course.




Next, click on Create My Account.

Create New Account


Complete the following fields. The Login field will automatically be populated with email address where the invitiation was sent to. We recommend using a password of at least 6 characters, comprised of lower and uppercase letters, and numbers.

It is imperative that you select the appropriate time zone in order for Canvas to properly display the adjusted due dates and times if you are in a different time zone from the course/teaching team.

Once everything is accurate and complete, click on Register.


You will be redirected to the course's homepage and should now have access to Canvas.



Already Have a Canvas Account

If you already have a Canvas account from a previous course or term, from the invitation email, click on Get Started.

Then click on, I Have a Canvas Account.


Login as you would normally, and you will be redirected to the course's homepage with a message at the top of the screen confirming you have joined the course.

If you have forgotten your password, please follow the Forgot Password prompt to reset your password.


Course-InvitationAccepted-For Existing User


Residential Canvas Users:

For Residential Canvas / Degree-program Canvas (, you will first need to claim your HarvardKey to log into Canvas. There may be up to a 24-hour process period until you can log into Canvas. After claiming your HarvardKey, you will be able to log into Canvas and access your course(s).

If you are experiencing issues with HarvardKey, please contact: 


Phone: 617-495-7777


If you are having issues logging in, try referring to our Login Troubleshooting Tips