New Features

Limitations of Blind Grading

Description: Blind grading works well so long as you only grade within SpeedGrader. While you are able to hide the student names in the Gradebook (Grades), student names will appear again if you refresh the page within the SpeedGrader.

Workaroound: Coordinate with teaching staff such that all grading remains in the same space.

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Transition To: The New Canvas UI

Released by Instructure in August 2015, the new Canvas user interface (UI) provides a more streamlined view of Canvas by restructuring navigation menus and offering a more content-centric focus. Currently the new UI is only available as a option that must be enabled by administrators of the institution. The new Canvas UI will replace the current (legacy) UI on May 31st, 2016.

The current Canvas UI has navigation divided into two areas: Global navigation on the top, and Course navigation on the left-hand side. See the image below for reference:


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Introducing the Course Information Tool

We are excited to announce that the days of copying and pasting your course description and meeting times are now over!  Starting now, you are able to populate Canvas sites with course information that will automatically feed and update with any changes directly from the registrar. 

You can add any or all of this information almost anywhere in your Canvas site because the Course Information Tool is inserted within the Rich Content Editor. 


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