I can't find my course invitation or account registration email from Canvas!

Professional Education (Ex Ed)


You may not be able to find the email for several reasons:

  • Quarantine service / spam filter is automatically quarantining the emails
  • Domain for emails is black-listed
  • Email rule is either: deleting or moving the email to another folder
  • Focused or Other filter in O365 / Outlook 2016 is housing the email
  • Incorrect email address was entered when the invitation to the course was sent

To ensure that you receive the course invitation / acccount registeration emails in a timely manner, please ensure that the domain for Instructure.com is not black-listed. Keep an eye out for emails with the following properties:

from: Canvas for Harvard Ex Ed <notifications@instructure.com>

subject: Course Invitation

New Students

if this is your first time registering for a course at HGSE, you will receive an email requiring you to complete the account registeration process and to accept your invitation to join the course. 

The email will state that you've been invited to participate in a class at: exed.canvas.harvard.edu

Please click on the 'Get Started' button to begin.

Course Registration Email

Existing Students

You will also receive a similar email, if ytou have already completed your account registeration process in the past. The difference is that this email does not have the "You'll need to register with Canvas before you can participate in the class" note.

Course Invitation Email