How to upload and embed videos to Canvas via Kaltura

Kaltura is Harvard GSE's video hosting platform. Kaltura integrates with Canvas via the Media Gallery link in the left-side course navigation menu, and video the toolbar widget in the Canvas Rich Content Editor. Video content can be uploaded to your repostitory and the course repository via either tool. If you choose, you can embed Kaltura content within Canvas pages, discussions, and announcements. Please note that the Media Gallery link is not visible to students; in order to share video with students, it must be embedded in a Canvas content area the students have access to.

Below are step-by-step guides to uploading and embedding video using Kaltura.

Uploading via the Media Gallery (Staff Only)

The Media Gallery link is only accessible and visible to users with a Teacher or TA based role. Thus if students need to upload video content to a course, they can do so either via Assignments or Pages--provided that an assignment or page has been configured for student access.

1. Click on Media Gallery

Media Gallery Course Navigation


2. Click on +Add Media

Kaltura Add Media


3. Click on Add New, then Media Upload

Kaltura Add New File



4. Click on +Choose a file to upload

File Upload



5. The upload is complete. You can either click on:

Go to Media: Redirects you to the page containing the details for the recording. You can edit the title, add collaborators, and other meta data.

Go to Media Gallery: Redirects you to the Media Gallery for the course.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you are able to Choose another file to upload.

Upload Complete Page


Uploading via Kaltura Media Widget (Student-accessible)

Students can upload their videos to assignments or pages, by accessing the Kaltura Media Widget. 

1. Navigate to the page, discussion, or announcement where you would like to embed video

2. Click on the Embed Kaltura Media button


3. Click on Add New, and then on Media Upload

Kaltura Add New File

4. Click on +Choose a file to upload

File Upload


5. Fill out any video details and click on Save. Then, click on Back to Browse and Embed


6. Locate the video you would like to embed, and to the right of it click on the downward arrow to select a preview window size

Media Size Select

7. The video has now been uploaded and embedded to the page. To save the video to the page and see the video thumbail, please click Save at the bottom of the Rich Content Editor.

Kaltura Media Preview