What is an XID, and how I register for one?


What is an XID?

XID is short for eXtended ID. XIDs are typically created by the person who is seeking authentication access to any systems at Harvard. In this case for viewers like you, registering for an XID may be necessary to access Canvas.

Who needs an XID? Why would I need an XID?

If you are seeking early access to a course before your official paperwork has finished processing because class has already begun, registering for an XID as a temporary means of access to the course is a common workaround. This is generally only done by cross-registering students from schools/institutions outside of Harvard (MIT, Tufts, etc).

If you are a teaching fellow for a course, but are coming from outside of Harvard, you will have to register for an XID to gain access to Canvas courses.

If you are auditing the course for no credit from outside of Harvard with the instructor's permission then you will have to register for XID if you do not already have one. Once you have registered for an XID, you can be added to the course site yith your XID by staff.


Register for an XID

The only requirement for creating a new XID is that you have a valid email address.

To register for an XID please navigate to this link:
Create New XID : https://xid.harvard.edu/xid-apps/

Please leave this option checked off for our convenience.


After you have filled in all the necessary fields and have clicked Register, you will receive an email with an activation link and instructions.


After you have finished the activation process, to gain access to Canvas courses you will need to have a member of the teaching staff from your respective course(s) reach out to us with a request to add you to the course. You may also email us directly and CC a member of the teaching staff and have them confirm that you may be added to the course as well.

We can be reached at: canvas@gse.harvard.edu

Once a request has been confirmed and you have been added to your respective course(s), logging into Canvas via XID can be done by selecting the XID tab on the login page.