Course Conclusion Policy


Canvas is designed to conclude courses following the end of the academic term. When a course is concluded, it will become static and cannot be edited unless unconcluded. Concluding courses in this way promotes usability and longevity for faculty, staff, and students.


It is the policy of HGSE Information Technology to conclude all courses following the end of the academic term. Courses may, on an individual bases, conclude at different times per faculty request. Should there be a need for changes to be made to a concluded Canvas site, faculty may request that a specific site be unconcluded for a short time, after which the course will be concluded once more.

Course conclusion date extensions

In some cases, a course may need to remain active beyond the end of the term. If any changes are planned for the course beyond the end of the term (e.g. grade updates, assignment submissions), the faculty member should contact HGSE Canvas Team at to request a conclusion date extension.

Unconcluding courses

The faculty of any course may request that a course be unconcluded at any time. A course may be unconcluded for one of the following reasons:

  • Grant Guest access to a student, faculty, staff, or non-Harvard affiliate
  • Grant Teacher access to Harvard staff, faculty, teaching fellow, or teaching assistant
  • A grade is challenged and must be changed
  • Faculty would like to change the content of the course
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