Frequently Asked Questions

    Webex Host Quick Reference

    Managing participants

    To invite people to a meeting in progress, select Invite and Remind from the Quick Start tab. You can invite people by email or by sending a link to your meeting. Select Participant > Entry and Exit Tone to ensure these tones are turned off, as they are potentially disruptive to your meeting.

    It is possible to restrict access to a meeting, preventing anyone new from joining a meeting -- whether they were invited or not. Select Meeting>Restrict Access to do this. Click on Meeting>Restore Access to begin allowing new participants in again.

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    Troubleshooting issues joining your first WebEx meeting

    Have trouble joining your first WebEx meeting?

    The first time you start or join a meeting, the WebEx Meeting Manager application is automatically downloaded to your computer. In most cases, you will be able to immediately proceed to your meeting. If you are having trouble joining, look for the following:

    •  ActiveX download prompt
    • Java download prompt
    • Mac users download prompt

    If your...

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    How to share content in Webex

    Hosts and Presenters


    To begin annotating, click Annotate in the meeting controls. Select a tool for making annotations. To allow other participants to annotate as well, click Annotate in the meeting controls, then select Allow to Annotate.


    To save annotations, click Save Annotations in the tools panel. You can allow participants to save annotations, too, by allowing the Screen Capture privilege to them.


    You can share any file in a WebEx meeting by clicking on Share and then File.This will open...

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    How to conduct Polls in WebEx

    Create a questionnaire (for Windows)

    Presenter only

    To conduct a poll, you must first create a poll questionnaire. You create a questionnaire in a meeting. To save time during a meeting, you can start the meeting earlier than the scheduled time, create a questionnaire on the Polling panel, save it, and then open it during the actual meeting.

    1. Open the Polling panel in a meeting.
    2. In the Question section, select one of these question types:
      1. To create a multiple-answer question, select Multiple choice, and then...
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