Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I have a Canvas site?

    Maybe.  Canvas is primarily used to host course websites associated with Harvard degree programs, however Canvas can also be used for Informal Learning Experiences. 

    Informal Learning Experiences are defined as a time-bound, non-credit learning experience provided by Harvard faculty or staff for Harvard affiliates that contains learning facets such as communication, content creation, content delivery, content collection, assessment.

    Here are a few potential examples of informal learning experiences:

    •  ...
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    How to edit your course list

    Not all of your courses will appear in your Canvas dashboard, the landing page when you log into Canvas. In fact, upcoming courses will likely not appear. You probably want to prioritize seeing current courses over past ones. Here's how to customize which courses appear on your dashboard.

    Click on Courses, then click on All Courses.


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    What is the difference between Availability Dates & Due Date?

    Availability dates define when students are able to view assignments and when the last date and time to submit to an assignment is. Availability dates are not required, but may be useful in limiting access if desired.

    Available From: The date and time for when assignments will become accessible by students.

    Available Until: The date and time for when students can no longer submit to an assignment.

    The Due Date defines the date and time when a submission to an assignment is considered late. If...

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    Webex Host Quick Reference

    Managing participants

    To invite people to a meeting in progress, select Invite and Remind from the Quick Start tab. You can invite people by email or by sending a link to your meeting. Select Participant > Entry and Exit Tone to ensure these tones are turned off, as they are potentially disruptive to your meeting.

    It is possible to restrict access to a meeting, preventing anyone new from joining a meeting -- whether they were invited or not. Select Meeting>Restrict Access to do this. Click on Meeting>Restore Access to begin allowing new participants in again.

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    Troubleshooting issues joining your first WebEx meeting

    Have trouble joining your first WebEx meeting?

    The first time you start or join a meeting, the WebEx Meeting Manager application is automatically downloaded to your computer. In most cases, you will be able to immediately proceed to your meeting. If you are having trouble joining, look for the following:

    •  ActiveX download prompt
    • Java download prompt
    • Mac users download prompt

    If your...

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    Harvard-built tool: Manage Course

    The Harvard-built course tools Manage People and Manage Sections have been streamlined, along with a new tool, Import iSites Content. These three valuable tools have been integrated into Harvard's new Manage Course feature.


    The Manage Course link can be found on the left side course navigation in any Canvas course. The link will appear grayed out, since it is visible only to admins and teaching staff. Let's look at each of the tools contained therein.


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    How to Install Kaltura CaptureSpace


    Kaltura's CaptureSpace Desktop Recorder allows you to capture and record your screen, webcam, and audio all in real-time. In order to access CaptureSpace and upload your content into your course, you'll first have to download and install CaptureSpace to your computer. We will review two methods for accessing CaptureSpace: via Assignments and Pages.

    Downloading & Installing CaptureSpace

    Depending on how the course is structured, you may be able to upload and submit your video to Canvas via an Assignment, or by uploading your video...

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    How do time zones work in Canvas?

    Time zones in Canvas are available in three different flavors, and should be configured accordingly in order to display the correct time.

    System-wide time zone: This is the default time zone set by the Canvas administrators that applies to all courses within an account (root-account setting).

    Course time zone: This time zone setting can be changed per course to suit the needs of the teaching team; otherwise it will follow what is the default system-wide time zone

    Personal time zone: ...

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    I can't find my course invitation or account registration email from Canvas!

    Professional Education (Ex Ed)


    You may not be able to find the email for several reasons:

    • Quarantine service / spam filter is automatically quarantining the emails
    • Domain for emails is black-listed
    • Email rule is either: deleting or moving the email to another folder
    • Focused or Other filter in O365 / Outlook 2016 is housing the email
    • Incorrect email address was entered when the invitation to the course was sent

    To ensure that you receive the course...

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    I can't see/access course content, and I get an unauthorized error message

    If you've received this error message when attempting to access a page, file, assignment, or anything of the like in your Canvas course... then know that you are not the only one experiencing this issue in your class! Most likely the content has not been published yet.

    If possible, please report this to us [IT] immediately, and we can get in touch with the teaching team regarding the content.


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    Getting Started

    Initial Course Setup

    • Meet with the Canvas Team.  Scheduling a 30 minute planning meeting with a member of the HGSE Canvas Canvas Team will save much time learning how best to implement Canvas’s many features.  Schedule a time

    • Develop course navigation to address the following questions:

      • How will students access course readings?...

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