Frequently Asked Questions

    Getting Started with Canvas

    In this module, we'll cover how to create and edit the basic content types in Canvas.

    Content Types

    Canvas has many useful content types built in, and many more can be added using external tools. This module covers the content types built in to Canvas. Here's a brief overview; we'll dive in deeper later on in the module.

    1. Pages

    These are the building blocks of a Canvas site. You're looking at a page right now! A page can be as simply text-only, or can include embedded images and multimedia. It's possible to create wiki...

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    What is the difference between Availability Dates & Due Date?

    Availability dates define when students are able to view assignments and when the last date and time to submit to an assignment is. Availability dates are not required, but may be useful in limiting access if desired.

    Available From: The date and time for when assignments will become accessible by students.

    Available Until: The date and time for when students can no longer submit to an assignment.

    The Due Date defines the date and time when a submission to an assignment is considered late. If...

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    How to conduct Polls in WebEx

    Create a questionnaire (for Windows)

    Presenter only

    To conduct a poll, you must first create a poll questionnaire. You create a questionnaire in a meeting. To save time during a meeting, you can start the meeting earlier than the scheduled time, create a questionnaire on the Polling panel, save it, and then open it during the actual meeting.

    1. Open the Polling panel in a meeting.
    2. In the Question section, select one of these question types:
      1. To create a multiple-answer question, select Multiple choice, and then...
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    How to Upload/Submit CaptureSpace Recordings


    There are a few different ways to upload your recordings to Canvas, we'll cover each method below depending on if you are submitting to an assignment, or looking to upload and embed your video on a page for everyone in the course to view.

    Uploading and Publishing from CaptureSpace to an Assignment / Page

    After you upload your recording directly from CaptureSpace into Kaltura, you will have to publish your recording later to the respective course's Media Gallery in order for it to be accessible to the course.


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    How to Configure, Record, and Edit in CaptureSpace

    Settings and Configurations

    Upon opening the application, you'll notice there are four tabs titiled: Record, Library, Settings, and Help. Below is a highlight of each tab and their settings and options.


    This tab contains all of the input modes for which the application will capture/record.

    Screen: Allows you to record your whole screen, or a portion of your screen that you can select.

    Screen & Webcam: Allows you to record both your whole screen, or a...

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    How to Create an Assignment for Video (Kaltura) Submissions


    Before students can submit to an assignment, they'll need to have a space where they can submit their recordings. Students will submit their recordings to an assignment using the Text Entry option.


    1. Click on Assignments

    2. Click on the +Assignment button on the top-right hand side of the page.

    3. Fill out the assignment's details.

    Note: Select the Submission Type as Online, and check the Text Entry option.

    4. Confirm that the due dates...

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    Importing Content from a Canvas Course

    Content can easily be copied from one Canvas course to another. You can choose whether to import the course content in its entirety, or select only certain content to be imported.

    Please note: Any custom links in the left-side course navigation menu will stop working when imported into a new course. Some third-party tools, such as the Twitter integration, will also stop working in the new course. For help with these issues, please email

    To import content into a new course shell...

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    Canvas Basics: Assignments


    Assignments: an introduction

    Assignments are one of the most important components of Canvas.  Assignments are where students will submit work for grading.  Papers, projects, presentations, and even class participation will be graded using assignments.  In the most basic configuration, Assignments allow students to upload their documents to a place where teaching staff can view them and provide feedback.  In more complex configurations, Assignments use...

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