Changes to Canvas Training

From this point forward, The Canvas Team will be scaling back our pre-scheduled training sessions and shifting our focus to a request-oriented training plan.  The end of this semester will mark the second semester that HGSE and the rest of the Harvard community has been using Canvas for course websites.  Now that HGSE faculty, teaching fellows, and staff are becoming more comfortable using Canvas's many features, we are fielding fewer questions about Canvas in general and more questions about specific Canvas features.

It is with this in mind that we will be discontinuing our Canvas Drop-in Hours and Group Training, while implementing systems to simplify the scheduling process for scheduling time with our team.  Moving forward, you will be able to schedule time with us at your convenience, and let us know exactly what you hope to accomplish during that time.  This will help us to focus our time on information relevant to your courses and will ensure that training is held at a time convenient to you.

In the coming days, you will see updates to the Training section of our website that implement new scheduling features.  Once these features are implemented, scheduling time with us will be quick, convenient, and easy.

-David House
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